We've shot over 4000 photos of Morwell Briquetting & Power in 3D and 360 VR, Filmed every corner, Upturned every rock, Walked into every door so you can have a complete digital record of this place for many years after it has been pulled down. We will be making documentaries & producing 360 degree immersive Virtual Reality tours. If you or a family member worked here, or if you just think old stuff is cool, you can now have the opportunity to own much of the content to show previous generations that worked there and future generations to come.

We are just a few months off having this content available however.

We would like to keep in contact with you so you can be notified the moment this amazing collection of Morwell Power is available. In the meantime..
For a sneak peek of what we've been creating, please enter your Name and Email below and we'll send you a link for you to have of some of our content for free....

Have the most complete, digital record of this amazing place forever

  • Around 3000 3D Photos.
    Every inch of this place available to look at as if you were right there in pristine 3D.
  • A very special documentary
    Gain access to an in-depth look at this place, way more detailed than anything you will find elsewhere.
  • Aproximately 1000 Virtual Reality photos.
    We have taken hundreds of photos using state of the art 360 degree VR technology. It puts you right in the middle of the action just as if you were there.
  • Own a piece of Australia's heritage
    Maybe one of your parents, grandparent or even yourself worked there. This place is iconic and was instrumental in the building of Victoria. You can now have a permanent record of this important part of Victoria and Gippslands history to show your family and friends.